Inappropriate Sexual Behavior

With Valentine’s Day peeking around the corner, I thought it was be fun to talk about inappropriate sexual behavior and Huntington’s Disease.  Apparently people with Huntington’s Disease have a hard time controlling themselves.  I wanted to keep this topic as light-hearted and “PG13” as possible…but I am sending out a warning to those of you that may be a worrisome caregiver, a youngster, a devout Christian, and any other person who may have a weak stomach for this kind of topic…proceed with caution before reading…just try not to get upset please.

I have always considered myself to have a healthy appetite although some time in my early thirties it went from healthy to obsessive.  I found myself day dreaming at work preventing me from getting projects completed on-time.  Day dreaming at home preventing me from getting house work done.  I was flirtatious.  Flirting to the point where I would get myself into trouble.  As a married woman I find that I am very happy with my husband but there was something inside of me that lacked a “this is right and this is wrong” filter.  I also craved approval.  I was bound and determined to become a super-hot chick (yes, yes…I know I am super-hot).  The problem was, I was forgetting about the people that I loved and forgetting what was important.  I spent a lot of money on some plastic surgeries that were not necessary just to keep up my super-hot chick status.  Granted I had other self-perception issues given that I had breast cancer at an early age.  But I still kept going…I kept going until it almost destroyed my family.

Everyone’s sexuality is their own business.  However, if you are doing something that

  • is harmful to yourself mentally or physically
  • is harmful to your friends and family
  • causes you to lose your job
  • causes you to lose your marriage or other important relationships
  • causes you to be thrown in jail

…this is not good.

Here are a few ways that I have been able to calm myself:

  1. I am on an anti-depressant to treat depression. Surprisingly, this has cut my drive in half. It even prevents me from climaxing (sorry folks …TMI I know). I have found a way to take a “small vacation” in order for me to have an opportunity for release…but this was something that I cleared with my doctor first. For instance, I know that if I do not take my med for a full day…then by the next morning, I am ready to “rock and roll”. But I get right back on taking the med again that same day.
  2. My Ritalin helps keep me focused and on task. So if my mind is not wandering, I am not thinking about naughty stuff.
  3. I limit the amount of alcohol I consume. I am a horny drunk….yickes sorry again.
  4. I have the mouth of a truck driver…it’s not very lady-like. I try to keep my sexual innuendos “at bay”…but it’s so hard because I believe that I just might be the world’s funniest girl…no seriously I am. I just have to remember who my audience is. Will what I say cause my hubby to flip out? I have to remember that just because people are laughing, it doesn’t mean that they think what I’ve said is funny…it may mean that they are uncomfortable.
  5. I understand that some of my HD brothers and sisters out there in the world have issues controlling the amount of porn (and strip clubs) they expose themselves to. I say that your first level of advice from me is to openly communicate your needs with your spouse/caregiver. I know. This has to be very, very hard for a lot of you. Maybe you possibly can come a conclusion about the right time and right place for your “personal time”. Just remind your partner that this in no way hinders your feelings for them. It is not easy to share how or why this happens. You also have to understand that they may not agree to your request. It’s a constant battle but either you agree to cave or they do. Just try to amiably compromise somehow.
  6. Beware. Obsessions often play a part in sexual inappropriateness. We will definitely revisit the topic of obsessions in another blog. I have quite a lot of experience in this topic. Obsessions are very complicated.
  7. I have a hard time trying to determine how to handle myself when someone flirts with me…sometimes I think I may have misinterpreted it but I found a new way to handle the situation…It’s called “staying in control and redirecting the conversation to a normal non-sexual one.” I find that if I can be the one that “flips” the conversation, it gives me a tremendous amount of pride that I did the right thing.
  8. Therapy and Sexual Addiction support groups may be helpful. I say that any move that you take in positive and healthy direction, is a huge success.

Not everyone experiences this issue but if you do, please don’t use Huntington’s Disease as a crutch for doing inappropriate things.  If you are causing yourself or your loved ones harm…please take some time to put together a game plan with your doctor/therapist/caregiver to come up with a new direction for you.  I am someone who is now doing much better after struggling with this for over 6 years.  I may have to face my demons again but I know that I have the support I need to face them head-on.  My husband also knows what I struggle with.  I think because he’s “a normal dude” he at one time thought it was cool to have a nymphomaniac wife.  But I think now he understands that there is a much better “Mackenzie” and he supports my decision to stay better.

Now go on out there and be good!….but on Valentine’s Day go be bad with the right person.

I would love to hear from my peers on how they handle sexual inappropriateness…..please email me at or post to this site.

“Remember that there is strength in numbers.  Those of us that stick together and share, will fare better than those of us that hide and live in denial.”

All my best,


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